Frequently Asked Questions

Does wearing a corset hurt?

Wearing a corset should not hurt; A properly fitted corset can easily take you in at the waist without causing pain. Many people really enjoy the feeling of the ‘all over hug’ that wearing a corset gives. It should be pointed out that during the breaking in (often called 'seasoning') process a corset may be a little bit uncomfortable until it shapes to your body and you become used to it.

Can a person breathe while wearing a corset?
If folks couldn’t breathe we wouldn’t be able to have nearly as many repeat customers as we do! A corset should always be comfortable, there is no set tightness- just whatever is comfortable for you, if you can’t breathe, it is far too tight!
Does DKB have a brick and mortar store?
No, we currently operate out of a private studio in Edmonton, AB, Canada- contact us using the contact us section of the site and we can discuss your piece, and if a consultation is needed, book one.
That said, if you are not local to Edmonton, we ship our products world wide, and are happy to work with international customers- contact us for details!
Does Dark Knits Boutique offer more than corsets?
Heck Yes! We offer men's wear, accessories, cosplays, fetish wear, accessories, hats, and props of all types… almost anything your little heart desires! We especially love creating unique, off the wall pieces- because of our love of this sort of work we generally offer a discount if getting an entire outfit- contact us for details!
I don't live in Edmonton, can I you still make me something epic?
Of course! We ship worldwide and offer remote fitting services to make sure everything is just the way you want it to be!

Can I send you a unique or heirloom fabric to make something out of?
You certainly can, but you may be asked to mail in a swatch for us to make sure it is the best possible choice for your piece- not all fabrics are suited to all applications. That said, we are happy to chat with you about this any time- just fill out the contact us page!

Do you accept returns?
Due to the intimate and often custom nature of our products, we are not able to accept returns or exchanges. If there is a problem with your product, claims must be made within 24 hours of receiving your products(s). The products(s) must then be shipped within 72 hours of receiving a shipping label from us and we will assess on a case by case basis. Any claims or shipments not made within the above time periods will not be considered for complimentary repairs or replacement and will be subject to our regular charge. Please note, that it is ultimately the clients responsibility that correct measurements are obtained (we suggest a visit to a local tailor if an appointment with us is not suitable), and that the clients ensure their individual needs have been clearly addressed.

How do I clean my corset?
Dry clean only!! Contact a professional dry cleaner for ALL your corset cleaning needs, we are not responsible for damages once an item leaves our studio.
For minor spills you can spot clean, pending fabric with a very gentle soap and cloth. Contact us for suggestions if you are at all unsure, we are happy to help!

Is DKB's payment method secure?
Absolutely! We prefer to use PayPal and Clover because of their integrated security measures, but can also accept cash, cheque, credit card, money order or bank transfers (from Canadian residents only). We will never sell any of your information and it is destroyed after use.

I need my corset ASAP, Does DKB do rush orders?
Please contact us to check our current turnaround time, we try very hard to get you your corset as soon as we can. We do offer a rush service, but it is dependent on our current work load and incurs extra fees. Please contact us for details!

Does DKB offer wholesale?
Yes we do! We also offer discounts for repeat customers! Contact us for details.

PLEASE NOTE: all purchases are subject to our terms or service policy

Terms of service (TOS)
These policies apply to all clients unless other arrangements are made and have been agreed upon in writing. These policies are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions please feel free to inquire by e-mailing;
Dark knits boutique warrants that our items will be free of defect in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the corset. This warranty is limited to the one time repair or replacement of the item at our sole discretion. This warranty does not cover improper care or abuse of your items, unicorn attacks, or hungry pandas.
All work done by Dark Knits Boutique is done so on a contractual basis. Our current shop rate for labor is $50 hourly.
Requests for design changes after the initial order has been placed are at the discretion of Dark Knits Boutique and may be subject to additional charges. Any Contractual changes due to misinformation from a client will be subject to charge at our regular rate.
All contract changes require contract amendments and is subject to a minimum of a $50 contractual amendment fee.
ALL missed appointments will be charged a $50 fee (this includes fitting and remote appointments). If you are more than 20 minutes late for your appointment- it will be considered missed. If a second appointment is booked and also missed, your order will be canceled and any deposit paid or materials received will be non-refundable. We require 24 hours notice to change an appointment, failure to give us enough notice makes us sad pandas, pandas that will be taking your $50 fee and spending it on tubs of ice cream and bad x-files re-runs. We REALLY don't need any more ice cream.... please be on time for your appointment.
Please e-mail if you are running late or need to re-schedule.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before any work will begin on your project; this is due at the time of ordering. The remaining 50% is to be paid in full within 60 days or at the time of pickup/shipment, we do offer payment plans that vary from this structure, ask us for details. Failure to pay the balance of the order within 60 days (or the agreed upon time frame) will result in the orders cancellation and the loss of the deposit, the products will become property of Dark Knits Boutique and are subject to re-sale. Payment reminders may or may not be sent and often get stopped by spam filters, Dark Knits Boutique takes no responsibility for payment reminders. We do offer payment plans other that the above listed, these are to be made in writing and signed by both parties. We reserve the right to send payments behind 90 days or more to a collection agency.
Please for the love of all that is awesome consider getting shipping insurance on your order from us if you aren't picking it up locally. We can not be held responsible for pieces once they leave our loving care.
In the event of order cancellation, all deposits paid and materials provided are non-refundable and become Dark Knits Boutique's property. Orders may be cancelled by Dark Knits Boutique, without notice, in the event of failure to provide complete payment according to the terms agreed upon in the sale contract, client failure to attend appointments on time, client failure to provide measurements or other information required for production such as but not limited to; timely return of remote fitting photos or remote fitting mock-ups.
All finished orders must be picked up or shipping arrangements must be made within 30 days of completion- we will inform you of completion. Dark Knits Boutique is not responsible for any orders left for more than 30 days... we don't know why you wouldn't want to pick up your order of custom-made awesome right away!
Dark Knits Boutique does loan our products for collaborations- availability is on a first come first served basis, and at our discretion. Please e-mail us for details at;
Please note that a fee applies to all loaned products to cover cleaning, steaming, pressing and other costs to bring the products back to new condition after use. A rental contract complete with credit card number or deposit and valid government issued ID must be present to borrow our products- If a product is not returned, or not in satisfactory condition upon return; the full cost of the product will be charged.
A corset should last you years of safe wear if worn, handled and cared for properly- if you are at all unsure please ask us for details!
Dark Knits Boutique accepts no liability for any loss or damages, including but not limited to damages to personal property or bodily damages caused by wearing our products, or the improper use of any of our products. We are not responsible for damages caused during shipping (we encourage you insure your package), dry cleaning damage or improper care damages.
Dark Knits Boutique is not responsible for any customs or duties fees incurred during the shipping process. Please for the love of all that is awesome consider getting shipping insurance on your order from us if you aren't picking it up locally. We can not be held responsible for pieces once they leave our loving care.